Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Two close shaves in as many days

So yesterday afternoon I decided to hit the treadmill, something I will readily admit I don't do nearly often enough. After finishing the run and showering, I threw a bunch of things on the passenger seat of my car. Among these things was my watch...or so I thought. (I remove my watch when running so as not to infuse it with sweat.) Upon arriving at my dinner destination, I noticed that I was unable to find out the time by looking at my arm, and a search commenced. Not in the cabin, not in the trunk...WTF? I ate and then searched again, but still nothing. So I headed back to campus, and proceeded to haul myself to my evening macroeconomics class. Said class is an evolution that causes me to frequently glance at my left wrist, so as to know how long the agony will continue. (It's a class that rivals a submarine's engineering department training for lack of liveliness.) After the class mercifully ended early, I decided, on a lark, to drive back to the Recreation Center and see if my watch was still there. And sure enough, it was right there on the ground, in the exact same place I'd dropped it two and a half hours before. Nobody had picked it up and brought it into the Rec Center and kept it for themselves, and nobody had run over it with their car. I was both surprised and thankful.

This evening's event was briefer, but also potentially more sinister. I had dinner at Wendy's before doing laundry, and got some a book from my backpack in my trunk before going in. When I returned to my car, I was shocked to see that I'd left the trunk open. And by open, I don't mean "unlatched," I mean "in the fully upright position, so that anyone could look inside and/or take whatever they wanted." Luckily, nothing was gone. Thinking about it, it's not so unexpected. Anyone desiring to commit petty theft had the following choices: a backpack filled with various books and papers; some other loose textbooks; a bag fill of dirty clothes; a less-than-half-full container of laundry detergent; a sixteen-year-old trombone; a large blue sleeping bag; and some car care products. Still, I breathed a sigh of relief, and remarked to myself that even as I near the age of 28.5, I'm still sometimes prone to losing track of important parts of the immediate situation.

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