Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Sports stuff on a Friday night. Correction... Tuesday afternoon.

This is video of the "goal" that sent France into next year's World Cup, and it should have been disallowed due to the clear handball. There has been some speculation as to whether certain high ranking football officials wanted to see the French go through. This would be like calling a guy safe at home plate in extra innings of a one-game playoff for an MLB division title. It's unfortunate that FIFA has decided not to replay the game, but I understand where they are coming from. This is more similar to the "Jeffrey Maier game". At least there wasn't any sort of controversy like this in our own MLS Cup final. Good soccer from both sides, and a match that took normal time, extra time, penalty kicks, and two sudden-death rounds of PKs before Real Salt Lake finally prevailed. And the crowd at Seattle's Qwest Field created a great atmosphere, one befitting a big match like this.

If two one-and-eight teams are scheduled to play in Detroit, but the game is blacked out locally, does the game actually take place? Yes, it most certainly did. 38-37. Game winning touchdown on an untimed play. The fortunes of the clubs involved altered...not in the least.

I came away from the Giants' win against the Falcons with very little additional confidence in their crunch time ability. If you want to drive deep into the NFL playoffs, you have to be able to protect a fourteen point lead with twelve minutes left in regulation - and Big Blue could not. The coin toss prior to overtime was quite nerve racking; had the Giants lost and their defense retaken the field, I was just about convinced they would come up on the short end. But credit must still be given to Eli Manning for taking the offense down the field and not letting the Falcons see the ball.

I neglected to watch the Islanders' game against Toronto last night. In doing so, I missed a 58-save performance from Dwayne Roloson. The Isles have an interesting conundrum in the net. Over the summer, they signed two quality netminders, Roloson and Martin Biron. They also have Rick DiPietro under contract until I turn forty. That's not hyperbole; he really is under contract until 2021. The general consensus is that Biron will be dealt at or near the trade deadline - but in order to get maximum value for him, he may have to appear in more games.

God, the Knicks are awful. And they won't even consider bringing in Allen Iverson for the rest of the year, because they're afraid it will hinder the development of the team's young players. Like the majority of the chattering classes on the sports radio, I think "the Answer" is worth a flier. The "development" in question isn't so important, because many of those players won't be there past the end of this season. They are, after all, trying to clear space under the salary cap to bring in one or more big name free agents. As bad as the Knicks are, at least they best the Nets, who don't have a victory on a basketball court yet this season (they are 0-13). They did, however, secure a triumph in the New York Court of Appeals today: the group trying to build them an arena in Brooklyn won the right to use eminent domain to evict some residents of the site. The proposed economic benefits of this are many, but are not certain; witness Pfizer's decision to leave New London, the site of the landmark Supreme Court case to which it was related. I think the Nets making the move across the Hudson would be good for the city, the team, and the Association - but it hsouldn't come about through this type of use of government power.
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