Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

Cornell Victorious...

...the champions of all - at least today!

I interrupt this silence in blogging, and preempt some other recent developments in my life, to bring you word that my Big Red won all three of the important games they played today. You might know about the proceedings in Jacksonville, wherein the thrice-defending Ivy champions in men's basketball won their first ever NCAA Tournament game, taking down Temple 78-65. They'll face Wisconsin on Sunday. In Albany, the ECAC men's hockey semifinal went as expected, with second-seeded Cornell powering past No. 11 Brown 3-0. Their opponent in tomorrow night's final is being determined as we speak Union, who won the late game. And just in to this computer...the women's hockey team advanced to the NCAA championship game through an overtime win over Mercyhurst.

If this isn't the greatest Cornell sports day ever, it's right up there with the 1970 hockey championship (which concluded an undefeated season). On this night, the Big Red are not only in the house, they're running the place.
Tags: college basketball, college hockey, cornell, sports

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