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Like the phoenix, so it was with our broadcast today.

Last night, I'm prepping for the baseball broadcast. I go to the station to get our stuff together. After a lot of playing with antennae and cables, I come to the part in Brian Lowe's instructions where it mentions a "cream-colored remote phone." I find said phone, only to discover that there are but a bunch of wires where the jack is supposed to be. The words "oh, shit" flash through my head. So I go to the bathroom, and while in there, I remember what Mark Anbinder said on Monday night: "Talk into a telephone if you have to." Then I realize: Matt Henning's cell phone!! Both he and Kevin were skeptical of it working when I told them that was the way we'd be doing it.

The connection from there was pretty good, and all the transitions into and out of commercials were beautiful, and the guys did a pretty good job on the actual cast, too. They're novices, but they followed the game action very well. When it was over, I was, at the same time, both relieved that it was over and elated that it had gone so well. I did manage to screw up the talk break leading into the computer automation (I said that we'd have Coldplay when the first song was actually Candlebox), but overall, it wasn't the horror show I had envisioned it being. Mr. Henning, Mr. Mills and I must get together sometime on or after this Wednesday, so as to listen to the tape - over a six of Labatt's that I plan to buy for them. I don't want to set a precedent for doing games this way, but for this one, it worked out.

Kudos to the umpire for not giving the base to a hit batsman in the first game. He was over the plate and made no attempt to move.

Men's lax losing doth suck. If there is a silver lining, it's that the loss makes next Sunday night (not tomorrow, but the week after) a lot easier. Instead of having to cover men's selection show, do Roundup, cover women's selection show, it will be only the last two of those three things. I have actually thought about going to Baltimore to take in the women's game at Johns Hopkins. I love Charm City, especially the Inner Harbor.

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