Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
Matt Carberry

How do you feel about the rent?

I only ask because there are some in New York State who think it's too damn high. And if you think that, there's a political party dedicated to advancing your cause. This party is even fielding a candidate for governor! His name is Jimmy McMillan...behold:

Link to the video, in case it looks funky in your browser (like it does in mine).

That's from last night's gubernatorial debate, held at Hofstra's Mack Sports Center. According to Tunku Varadarajan of The Daily Beast, it's a resounding argument against the spread of Western-style democracy. Late in the debate, presumptive Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo even agreed with McMillan, as you can see in the video above. In a sense, Cuomo also is pushing policy in this direction. Property taxes can be looked at as rents paid to the state; if you don't pay, you get evicted. (Cuomo wants to cap annual property tax increases at 2 percent - to which I respond 'fat chance, motherfucker, the teachers' unions will never go along with that'.)

I haven't watched the debate yet, and I'm not sure I want to. I feel like it might kill off a significant number of brain cells, which is not a wise course of action at the midpoint of the semester. As for my vote for governor, I had been leaning towards the Anti-Prohibition Party and Kristin Davis. Yes, despite her prior line of work. But it seems like all she has are one-liners, and that's not enough to discharge the duties of the office she seeks. I can't vote for "Pala-dinosaur" after the anti-gay comments he made, and I don't trust Cuomo to be able to carry through on his agenda against the forces of the special interests. I am seriously tempted to leave the top line of my ballot blank.
Tags: hofstra, insanity, politics

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