Matt Carberry (kingpin248) wrote,
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NFL comments, on a :-( day...

Despite the Giants' closing their season by beating Washington, they didn't get the help they needed from Chicago, and so they'll miss the NFL playoffs despite finishing 10-6. That's bad enough, but two things make it worse. For one, the winner of the game currently in progress (St. Louis at Seattle) will make the tournament with a record no better than .500. And for two, the Eagles fell late to the Cowboys today, meaning they also finished 10-6. The collapse at New Meadowlands two weeks ago really did decide the NFC East championship. Despite the lackluster finish and missing the playoffs, Tom Coughlin should stay on as head coach. He's a coach with the experience to adjust and learn from the mistakes that were made in 2010, particularly those in week 15. Of course, he couldn't stop the most important flaw of the Giants' season: all those turnovers. Eli Manning tied the team's single-season record for interceptions. That has to be the first thing addressed by the offensive staff during the organized team activities throughout the spring. As for the draft, offensive line or secondary is where the Giants should seek to add help.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that Al Davis had made a pact with the darker forces. In return for the Raiders' appearance in Super Bowl XXXVII, they would be limited to five wins per season until Davis passed on. Since Oakland had gotten to six victories, Al Davis was obviously dead and being propped up. We got more evidence of that today; the Silver and Black might be set to relieve Tom Cable after leading them to 8-8 - including a perfect record in the AFC West. Note to the old man: when your team is on the rise, even if they're not all the way back up, you might want to stay the course.

The Raiders' win has a side effect that affects the scene here in New York. The Colts moved up to the three seed, sending the Jets to Lucas Oil instead of Arrowhead. While Gang Green will have the motive of revenge, Kansas City would have been a better matchup for the Jets. Indianapolis is on a hot streak, and Peyton Manning at night is as sure a thing as there is. Rex Ryan could easily come up about three games short of his boasts.

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