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So I mentioned previously that one week ago, Cornell lacrosse faced the University of Virginia at Hofstra. Besides being hot and sunny (yes, I did remember the SPF 50), it wasn't a pleasant occasion. I was sitting at the south end, which the Cavaliers attacked in the decisive second quarter - they outscored the Big Red 7-0 to put the game away (Virginia ended up winning 13-9). The second game was a surprise - Denver was quite thorough in dispatching Johns Hopkins. Fun fact about this tournament: In both the quarterfinals and semifinals, the lower seeded (or unseeded) team was won every game. This trend would seem to bode well for Maryland on Monday, and I'd love to see them end their 36-year drought, not least because they are coached by John Tillman, Cornell '91. But I think Virginia will take the title; they seem to have everything running smoothly.

Speaking of long title droughts, I'm looking forward to this Stanley Cup Final. Boston vs. Vancouver. It just feels a lot more right than Tampa Bay vs. San Jose. Travel may definitely play a role in this series, especially in the 2-2-1-1-1 format. More importantly, for the second straight year, we get two teams seeking to bring home the Holy Grail of Sport for the first time in a long time. I think the Canucks have something going for them this year; they've been getting some good breaks, including in overtime of game seven of the opening round and in double overtime a few nights ago. My gut tells me this one will be over relatively early - Vancouver lifts the Cup on its home ice, winning in five games.

All my spring semester grades are in, and it was straight A's. A clean sweep. 4.0. For the second time, I'm on Hofstra's Provost's List. Good times. Everything remains on track for completion after next fall. Harold Camping may have revised his prediction for the Rapture, but I myself am shuddering to think about what will happen on December 20 - that's when I will graduate.

Hundreds of others graduated from Hofstra this past Sunday, and the undergraduates were treated to a fine commencement speech by Phil Rosenthal '81. Here it is:

I changed the title of the blog. After about four years or so, I've retired the name twelve fluid ounces. At the time I adopted it and for a while afterward - that is to say, until I left the Navy two years ago - it felt appropriate. I have replaced that blog name with my name, followed by a bunch of high-sounding words. That's not too far from what it was for the first four or five years, when it was simply "Matt Carberry's Journal."
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