May 24th, 2001

christmas 2008

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Yeah, about the picture. I hate this new bear. So I use Tau's excellent rendition of what the bear should look like if Athletics really wanted it to look like the bear was being eaten.

And for those who care, the special edition of my show on Sunday night will air this Sunday night, from 7:15 to 8:00. I just now realized that I hadn't put that on here. If you're in the Ithaca area, you can listen on 93.5 or 105.5 on the East Hill. Elsewhere, use here.

Off to bed now, as it's back to work at 9:00 tomorrow....
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christmas 2008

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I got out of work early (3:00) today. This was a good think, as my feet seemed to ache more today than any of the other three days.

I now know I'm leaving May 31. My mom isn't bringing the car up this weekend.

Interview count for Sunday night: 4. I do the second pair of interviews starting in about an hour. I hope it goes well.

All righty then.
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