July 9th, 2001

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My weekend was pretty good, all in all. Saturday I woke up around 12:30, and prepared for the long day ahead on the bike. I had a vague idea of how long it would be, but nothing precise. MapBlast put the estimate of the trip length around 75 km (46.6 mi). So just before 2 PM, I set off. Following Route 366 up to Freeville, I then took 38 south through Dryden (where I ate) to Richford, and then 79 west back to Ithaca. The actual distance was 71.27 km (44.29 mi). And boy, did I feel it. I frequently had to stop on the climbs due to exhaustion. There were a couple of climbs where I couldn't go two hundred meters without stopping again. And the trip as a whole was slow - the overall average speed was 21.41 km/h. I think this had something to do with the brakes. The brake problem could have come about when I changed the back tire in the middle of June. But there was also contact between the front wheel and its brake. I tried to correct this in Richford, but I ended up loosening the cable too much. While the wheel turned freely, this became a problem upon my return to Ithaca, where I had to use my brakes a lot more. I'll continue looking at the brake in the days ahead.

Also, in the mail, I got several interesting things. One was a nice note from Cornell Women's Lacrosse, thanking me and the station for all the coverage we gave them. I thought of the article I wrote for 14850 Magazine about the team, that coach Graap probably doesn't know about yet. (Well, I don't know when it will appear either, but I have been told that the next issue goes to press early this week.) Another thing I got was an EZ-Pass, primarily for tolls on NYC bridges (though it also works on the Thruway). It came in an envelope with Lance Armstrong on it, which I liked immensely. Of course, with the Tour de France starting this weekend, Lance will be in the headlines once again as he goes for his third straight victory. I have no doubt he'll get it.

When I got home, I took a bath. I needed to soak my badly aching body. In fact, there is still a mild pain in my legs as I write this. But the bath was very relaxing. Then I just hung out for a while. Being alone in my house, and not knowing what else there was to do, I just chilled out.

I awoke today around 2:30 PM. Today was a pretty nondescript day. Sports Roundup went well, I was able to easily fill the time with talk of baseball. This time, I managed to get out on time. After that I came home. And I chilled again. But Chris did come home tonight. At least I'm not alone in the house anymore, as I have been for the last week. Neither of us has any idea when Becky will be back. She's searching for a job in Philadelphia, so she could be back "tomorrow or two weeks from now," according to Chris.

This week should be a good one, especially with Alumni Hockey and the staff summer picnic at the end of it. Also, I think I need to get a haircut. I either have to do this before work during the week or on Saturday. Translation: it has to be done on Saturday.

And I still have to determine when Andy Noel will be on my show. It will be interesting to see what Chris' reaction will be when I tell him I'm trying to book Noel, who is reviled my many in the CU Pep Band for his repression of expression in Lynah Rink.

Stay tuned...
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On coherency and grammar.

I am constantly amazed by the deterioration of grammar in Internet correspondence. Of course, I am by no means immune to this phenomenon, but it appears in much more pronounced fashion in the writings of others. The "stream of consciousness" means of communication is taking hold (or has already taken hold). Capitalization is the most vulnerable of grammatical rules in this new syntax of the electronic age. Also of note is the sentence structure. Complete sentences are going by the boards, replaced by the thought of "get your thoughts out with all due speed." I think this is a bad thing. The capacity to refine thought should be cultivated as much on the Internet as it is in the papers college kids write. We're moving toward a world where "l8r", "143", and other such shorthands will become part of the accepted language.

And the alternating upper- and lower-case letters - that just pisses me off.
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Now on to the substance of my day...

Woke at 8:12. That meant less than three hours of sleep. But today I did all of the three essentials (shower, dress, eat). Usually I get away with just dressing. Maybe my brain knew that it would not be prudent to report to work late again, considering that I did on three of the four work days last week (though never by more than ten minutes). Work seemed a bit long today. I think that was due in part to the recurrent aching in my legs, still feeling the effects of over seventy kilometers of pedaling from two days ago. I got to work downstairs for nearly half the day. That wasn't that bad, though I do greatly prefer the upstairs of the store to the lower level.

Upon my return home, I found the network to be set up. This has its good and bad points. Good is that everybody has net access now. Bad is that certain features, like Sidecar authentication, once again are unavailable to me. (They were available when I was connected directly to the cable modem.) So I went to get dinner, and en route to McDonald's I discovered I had missed marching band softball YET AGAIN!! I haven't been to a single game yet. I really have to make an effort to get to a game, possibly Wednesday.

All points regarding the radio are still up in the air. I've been too tired to deal with that today.

Signing off...
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