August 3rd, 2001

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Yeah, I'm still here...

Work...well, it goes on. Craig is leaving after tomorrow, and Parker has said he will leave at the end of next week. Too bad - I enjoyed working with them both. I on the other hand, intend to stay on at the store for as long as they'll let me. This should be at least through the fall semester. The fact that I have Federal work study in my financial aid package should help things out on that front.

I got paid today. Unfortunately, this is the last time I will get paid before I go home. (The next pay day is 16 August, at which time I will be in lovely Southampton, chaperoning band Clinic. More on that to come.) I was surprised that when I signed the time sheet, they didn't mention that fact that I had been grossly late on two of the last three days. In fact, I was grossly late in two of the first three days of the current pay period as well. Yeah, four out of six days where I was at least 20' late. But I do have a three day on-time streak going. Extending that to four would be a great way to finish off the week.

So one week from today (Friday, that is) I will be driving home to good ole Northport, in preparation to humbly serve my high school by chaperoning the Tiger Marching Band's Summer Music Clinic. That's just a fancy name for band camp. The entire band goes out to the Southampton campus of Long Island University (on the east end of the Island) for five days, and is subject to two-a-days in the August heat and humidity. Seven and a half hours a day on the field does take its toll, but when you put the finished product on the field on the last day, it's worth it. Fortunately for me, my days of toiling on the marching field for Northport are long over. I get to sit back and relax, and watch as the youngin's work their butts off. I think this will certainly be a fun experience, considering I don't have to march. Of course, I am prepared to take some abuse from these not-yet-fully-matured high school students, but that won't be that bad.

All the Time Warner bills are paid, and I have assessed debts to all those who owe me. The NYSEG bill came today, and we haven't decided how to split it yet. That is most likely another topic for another day.

HBO is running the first three seasons of the Sopranos again over the next nine months. For me, this is worth keeping HBO throughout the year, instead of killing it and reacquiring it when the fourth season premieres.

I still can't nail down a date to interview Andy Noel on Sports Roundup. Laura Stange (Cornell's SID) said he's out of town. Since she said this to my face, I believe her. You can bullshit over e-mail, but if she had been lying to me in the store on Wednesday, I would have known it.

Until I write again...
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christmas 2008

Absolutely wacky.

That's the best way to describe my day. I was completely out of it both at the start and the end of today. I was running on empty. I have been designated to test an amazing fusion of Cornell Store technology: new register software with old register hardware. For the most part, it's working. There are a few occasional glitches, but the software is running smoothly overall. The good part of this is that I am in the far corner of the little island that contains the five registers. That means I got less business, as my location is farthest from the point where the loine forms.

But that wasn't what made the day truly wacky. We (and the entire campus, I'm told) lost power around 13:15. This had not happened in fifteen years. So nobody really knew what to do. Ultimately, we had to kick all the customers out of the store and wait for a while. So around 13:50 I decide to take a crap, even though I would be doing so in the pitch dark. And lo and behold, while I'm on the stool, the power returns. We weren't able to get the systems back up for a while, so we didn't reopen until 14:20. And then the day plodded along. I was happy to finally be out for the weekend when 17:00 came. Actually, in one interesting incident from today, I ended up talking with a prospective student and his parents about a cappella groups. More selling of the university. Despite the fact that Campus Information and Visitor Relations turned down my employment application, I still do a lot of their work anyway. I knew I could have been useful to them. Their loss, as far as I'm concerned.

We got A Wolf's marching band letter today. Standard stuff. He invoked Psych 101. In my next post, I will use the new policies for the marching band to help prove just how repressive Cornell University really is.

I think that is all for this post.
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