April 16th, 2002

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I was getting quite frustrated with the slowness of servers (more often, it degenerated into outright inability to access them). So I broke down and paid for this biz-nitch. At just over $2/month for a year, it's probably a bargain in the long run.

I also joined the cornell_u community. Not really familiar with it yet, but there appear to be some interesting characters there.

I renewed my license today. The fact that such renewals are for eight years rather than five - this is very quality. What does kind of suck is that the DMV will probably send me two licences - even though my 21st birthday is just over two weeks away. Since I renewed before I turned 21, I'll get one that says 'Under 21' on it, and then they'll send me another one that doesn't have those words. This also kind of sucks because there are some places, especially here in Ithaca, that will not accept ID that has the 'Under 21' on it as proof of age for alcohol purposes. Not that I intend to purchase alcohol in the near future, but it would be nice to have. More inefficiency on the part of the state.

I need keys to the station! Damn you Meer and Bianchi for not providing me with them!!
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christmas 2008

I decided to make this part into a separate post...

If you're a regular reader of my posts, you know how much I detest the opinion board of the Cornell Daily Sun. But their editorial today just takes it to a totally new level. They actually like that fact that Michigan State is adding a "Black Celebratory" - which amounts to a second graduation ceremony just for black students. First, let me address this ceremony. The Sun claims that "[i]t should not, however, be viewed as a move toward separatism..." That's exactly what it is. It's extremely unfortunate that Michigan State's administration has endorsed an event, which, by its very definition, is open to only one race. The student government at MSU was smart enough to realize that it's a bad idea, and thus denied funding to the event. It might seem obvious to astute readers, but it needs to be said: what would have happened if some students had wanted a "White Celebratory"? They would have been dismissed as off their rockers, and quite probably have been labeled racist as well.

Not only do the authors of the Sun editorial like this, they think it doesn't go far enough. They, of course, want more pandering to blacks. My favorite gem was this one:

When students, regardless of race, are facing difficult odds, a school necessarily takes on the responsibility of providing the means (financial and otherwise) to enable completion of a degree.

From what school of logic does this come? An education is not a right. To me, it is best described as an investment. It is, in fact, the student's responsibility to seek assistance when (s)he is facing difficulties. If this sentence is to be believed, then a university could conceivably be sued whenever a student flunks out.

And I know this is old news, but the Sun destroyed any pretense of being objective when it ran the article smearing Sabia and the Review on April Fool's Day. Much as some like to read the Review for humor, so do I get many laughs from pages four and five of the Sun.