April 22nd, 2002

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I got the urge to move my desk again...

That's the third time I have moved it since I moved into this apartment 9½ months ago. This is by no means as often as my brother used to move furniture (i.e. every couple of weeks), but it's more often than I usually do. I once went over a year and a half with the same configuration in my room back home.

At least now I can look at the monitor without having to crane my neck to the right. Now it's positioned a little to the left. For some reason, it feels more natural for me to crane my neck to the left than to the right. I'm not sure why this is. It could have to do with the way I sleep some of the time (when I'm face down, my head is usually facing left).

I'm not feeling quite as sleepy as before. I don't think this is a very good thing.
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christmas 2008

This isn't an information card...

...it's a SUMMONS! A jury summons, to be exact. Service starts two weeks from today. This is one case where not being a student really hurts. If I were, I could return the summons stating "I have finals upcoming" and be done with it. But it appears that I'll have to make a trip to Long Island in 2 weeks for this. Hopefully it will be short and painless.

This may spur me to actually pay the dues and join the Libertarian Party. Then I could say "I object to this whole process as an involuntary servitude." Also, if I get assigned to a drug case, I can tell them that I favor legalization. That should help to get me excused.

Preparations for the baseball broadcast are going OK. At least we know how to set the thing up now.
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