May 31st, 2002

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I went to see "The New Guy" last night. Extremely funny, albeit in a childish way. The joy was compounded by the ability to see it for free (Ryan knows a guy who works at the Commack theatre). As I said to him last night, I would probably see it for the matinee price of $5.75, but not for the full price of $8.75.

I'll be heading back to Ithaca on Sunday. It is quite fun down here, but I must return to what really is now my home.

What is the world coming to when the National Spelling Bee was not only on SportsCenter, but it was the friggin' Showcase highlight? Please. It only serves to remind me of how to spell "cauterize" (the word I missed in my middle school spelling bee). Couldn't the producers have found one baseball game deserving of the special attention?
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