June 12th, 2002

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Progress in the air...

...on a number of fronts.

I am employed. I'll be starting with a company called Vector Marketing. On the surface, it seems like a bad deal - I get to sell cutlery. But you gain all kinds of valuable experience. It looks like a really great opportunity. Plus you get three days of buisness-seminar like training - for free.

Also moving on the Cornell hockey broadcasting negotiations. Can't really comment much more than that, but something should be decided soon.

So on the podium in Brendan Byrne...um, Continental Airlines Arena, Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss said he hoped all the fans in Los Angeles were watching the trophy presentation. Please. That was what, five minutes after the game ended? When Buss said that, there had to be at least fifteen overturned police cars in LA. He shoudl know better than anyone - everyone's rioting in the City of Angels.