July 4th, 2002

Lots of changes.

So I'm back on Long Island for the rest of the summer. My dad set me up with a job as a switchboard operator at the lab where he works. Hours are excellent (both the number and when they are) and the pay isn't bad as well. It doesn't start until 15 July, so I have a little free time until then. On the other hand, I don't get to chaperone band camp this year, but that's not a huge loss.

Tomorrow I get to start calling to see when and where I have to go in for jury duty. Hopefully it will be Tuesday, and I can get it over with quickly. This way I can keep both my doctor appointment and my meeting with my dad's supervisor, and I can also likely make it back upstate for alumni hockey weekend. I would have to go back to Ithaca anyway to get stuff. Since I wasn't originally planning to stay down here very long, I don't have everything I'd like.

Saw Men In Black 2 last night. Some laughs but not as good as the original. Good for a matinee, but I don't think it was worth full price.