July 29th, 2002

Time to LJ it up.

Just past the halfway point of day number thirteen of this job. There are some days that go slowly, others more quickly. Fortunately, the power hasn't gone out yet. According to the old hands here (one of whom is my father), that's really when all hell breaks loose.

I've become enthralled with the Yahoo game TextTwist. It has helped to pass a lot of the time here. In addition, I've solved countless crossword puzzles, both on newsday.com and Yahoo.

Congrats to Lance Armstrong on his fourth Tour de France title! It was great to hear that he'll definitely be back next year to make a run at tying the record for most Tours won. Having watched the Tour for over a decade now, I think that Armstrong is the most dominant Tour rider I have seen in that period (which included the five-straight-year run of Miguel Indurain from 91-95). He is just so much stronger than all is "competitors", if they are even deserving of that designation. He's a great champion, and a great American. Not to mention a great writer - I've read his book twice already.

I've started to get some WVBR-related email, which is a welcome break from the various and petty BONE-L discussions and offers for products that I have neither a need for nor an intention of buying. Time to start planning how to indoctrinate the Class of 2006 with the mantra "radio is great, I love radio..." :-)

Random observation #1: During the show "Pardon the Interruption" on ESPN, there is a particular commercial for title sponsor Smirnoff Ice. The one I'm talking about shows a party organized by and for blacks. These blacks are all getting their groove on, and all is cool until two white guys are spotted by the security camera. The organizers all point the finger at each other, saying "I thought they were with you." The obvious connotation is that the white guys weren't welcome. This commercial has been deemed socially acceptable. But what if the skin colors were reversed? Don't you think there would be speeches denouncing the ad, and hordes of protesters screaming "no justice, no peace" outside both the Disney corporate headquarters and the ESPN compound in Bristol?

Random observation #2: I saw a promo for a show on VH1 for "Military Diaries", and one young lady says "I didn't join the Navy expecting to go to war." Well then, what were you expecting? A couple of years of cruising around the seas? I know that nobody wants to wage war, but the whole point is to be prepared when the moment comes. If you aren't prepared to fight, then I'm not sure I see the point of even putting yourself in the position where you might.