August 11th, 2002

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Eff my left pedal. Were it not for its malfunction, I would have not had to head back home earlier than I wanted. At least I still got 17 km in yesterday.

Other than that, a good weekend...rented "Training Day" on Ryan's recommendation Friday night. I was deciding between that and "John Q." (no, I did not intentionally pick two Denzel Washington movies), and was pleased with his selection. Last night, he, I, and our mutual friend Dave watched "Eight Days A Week," which Ryan billed as a low-budget "American Pie." I didn't think that was a good description, but the movie was still pretty damn funny. It also led to the resurfacing of a story that I have to tell Chris when I go back upstate (it's about someone he met this summer...)

And of course, now I'm back at work, and the fact that tonight has been especially slow makes it that much better...

My car needs to be cleaned. Will I do this tomorrow? Keep it here to find out.
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