November 19th, 2002

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I always cringe when I see a publication refer to "underrepresented minorities." It should go without saying that if you perceive one group to be underrepresented, then one or more must also be overrepresented. In the case of the Daily Sun's 18 November editorial, the Daily Shit Rag* once again carps about the color makeup of the University's student body. I take it that the implication is that the percentage of whites (and possibly Asian-Americans) is too high for their liking. This is insulting, and should offend all those of Caucasian and Asian descent who work their butts off to get into elite schools year after year. It's absurd that these supposedly-enlightened Ivy Leaguers can't see any type of diversity that doesn't have to do with the pigmentation of one's skin. And it isn't just here - reprints today a piece from the Boston Globe on the folly of diversity at Amherst and Tufts.

* This term applies only to the opinion/editorial pages of the Daily Sun. The rest of the paper I have little problem with.
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