December 15th, 2002

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Cornell names new president...

The new head honcho, in his first official act, ordered the removal of all non-Microsoft technology products from the campus.

On a much more serious note, though, Jeffrey Lehman is, as Bill Walton would say, a horrible selection. I listened to both his remarks at the trustee luncheon and at his introductory press conference, and he's straight from the academic mold. I'd wager we can count on him to perpetuate the suppression of non-Leftist voices that has been prevalent on this campus ever since 1969. We go and get the dean whose law school is on the wrong side on one of the most important cases to go before the Supreme Court in decades (the Grutter v. Bollinger affirmative action case). And why do he and his son automatically get season hockey tickets? The young man should have had to wait his place in the line just like everyone else.