February 27th, 2003

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"The West Wing"

I've been watching this show for the past few weeks. Short verdict: Good television, bad policy.

I shook my head at the scene where the speech writer criticizes the term "redistributive scheme" in connection with the Bartlet tax plan. That is, of course, exactly what it is. The entire administration reeks of arrogance - in the form of "we're the government, we own this nation, we'll say who gets to keep what, not you, even though you worked your rear end off to make the money."

And this Kundu operation? Please. It's not the USA's responsibility to stop genocide! There's no security interest in that (fictitious) nation. And of course, we get three troops captured, go in and rescue them, at the cost of seventeen others. This is why we can't solve the world's problems at the barrel of a gun. Emperor Bartlet doesn't seem to understand that. Maybe Sheen, through his character, is trying to use this to show the folly of a war in Iraq. I don't know. We'll just have to wait till the next new episode to see how this all plays out.