March 5th, 2003

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Mr. Carville goes to Ithaca.

James Carville is going to speak at Cornell's Convocation this May. The Convocation is a gathering the day before Commencement (it is a long-standing University policy that no luminaries speak at Commencement, because Cornell does not confer honorary degrees). I can't say I like the selection, because, having seen Carville at various points throughout his career (most recently in his cameo in the film "Old School"), I can say I don't like his politics. He's certainly an entertaining speaker, on those days when his drawl is understandable. Though the committee that selects the speaker could have done worse - it could have selected Carville's cohort, Paul Begala, who once expressed his opinion of the rich thusly: "F--k them." At least the seniors who pile into Barton Hall on 24 May will be amused, both by Carville's delivery and by his substance (or lack thereof, from where I sit).