October 5th, 2003

on the games played by "student"-athletes...

College hockey started Friday night. The Cornell Big Red don't open the season for another month, but the fact that some teams are playing is an indicator of how fast time has gone. It seems that not too long ago Cornell was dropping the national semifinal to New Hampshire. (Damn you Mike Ayers and your head save.)

Interesting doings in the college football world. A week after losing to Rutgers, the Naval Academy goes out and defeats (25th ranked nationally) Air Force by three today. After the Rutgers loss, it occured to me, "at some point, I may have to salute these guys!" I don't feel quite so bad about that now. Also Baylor defeated Colorado. Big win for them after all the crap that went down in Waco over the summer (surrounding the basketball team). Auburn took down Tennessee, a step toward getting back on track after opening the season with two losses. Oklahoma rolled over Iowa State, and now turns its eye to Texas, who blew a two-touchdown lead, but came back to beat Kansas State, in the everything-it-was-hyped-to-be game of the day.

And Cornell lost to Colgate on a field goal as time expired. Any hope that sprung in the hearts of Big Red fans following the season-opening win over Bucknell has surely evaporated.
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