November 3rd, 2003

mixed results

On the good side, I got a 3.76 on the big E-Funds 5 exam today. That was the class high, and enabled me to extend my lead even further. I thought I might have been able to do a bit better (I made one of those errors that, during the exam review, caused my jaw to drop and me to think "I can't believe I did that!"). But I can live with the number I hung on the board today.

On the bad side, the class average was well below what it should have been. There are some problems to work out as we now move into Digital Microprocessor Fundamentals, which looks like it should be a fun two and a half weeks. As a class, we need to really get behind some of our people (no pun intended) and help get them through the program.

I celebrated my success by...running two miles!! I'm going to try to start doing more self-PT (emphasis on try; the academics still come first). Still, I felt great after the run, even if I was pretty tired.

Cornell hockey followed up its tie with Western Michigan with a 3-2 loss Saturday night, the Big Red's first defeat on home ice in over twenty-one months. Maybe this will put things in perspective for both the team and the fans (especially those that have picked up following the team since the season before last). My other hockey team has won two straight, from the (Not So) Mighty Ducks and the Senators. The Isles have 14 points from 11 games - that's .636 hockey, and isn't too bad.

Props to my G-Men for winning the Battle of New York, even if it took them almost fifteen extra minutes to do it. I think a tie would have been worse than a loss, because of the weird feeling it leaves you with. I can deal with them in hockey, but they're so rare in football (and no longer existent in the college game) that it just isn't natural. Speaking of college, the Sooners went out and showed who owns Oklahoma, and putting an end to all the trash talk coming out of Stillwater. Virginia Tech apparently found its "A" game, whipping formerly second-ranked Miami. And as for Cornell? They lost their sixth straight, and it looks like another lost season on the East Hill gridiron.
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