November 20th, 2003

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That was the number I put up on digital 2. One stupid mistake cost me three of the 3½ points I dropped. I could have thus easily gotten a 3.98, and possibly even a 4.0. (The other half point was a choice between two things. I had no clue and I ended up picking the wrong one.) I'm not as pissed off at myself as I was during the exam review. This is the first course in which I did not have the highest average in the class. I can live with this because:

1. it was only by a half point;
2. the guy who beat me is no longer in the class (due to the split I talked about at length in my last post);
3. now that we're split, I'm in the lead by 84¼ points (this may go down after the four Seamen a week behind catch up to us).

So now we wait for six days. And tonight, I get a full dose of boredom because I'll be doing watch quals. This is where they teach me how to stand watch in the school building so I can do that sort of thing when I finish A school. I have to do twelve hours of them - I plan on knocking out at least six (hopefully seven or even eight) tonight.
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