December 9th, 2003

I'm back.....

Victory is mine, as I once again have internet in my room.

So Sunday I called Orbitz to change the flight home from Monday the 22nd to Saturday the 20th. It ended up costing me an arm and a leg, but I went ahead with it. It'll be worth it to not sit on this base for two days with everybody else gone. This proves why it's good to save money - even though it cost me a lot to get the flight switched, it's not going to break me at all financially.

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I am still having a very hard time getting used to the fact that it's 60 °F outside on 9 December. It does not feel at all like the holiday season. I'm sure I'll accept it though - just in time for me to go home and step off the plane into a 20 °F New York night.

I mentioned quickly in my last entry that both Navy football and Cornell hockey won their big rivalry games on Saturday. I watched the entire Army-Navy game, and was very impressed by Navy's rushing game. And then there was Harvard at Cornell on the ice. I was able to steal my suitemate's internet connection for an hour or so and listen to the second half of the game, and I went ballistic when Shane Hynes scored what would prove to be the only goal of the game. Lynah Rink was rocking. I refer to this Cornell Daily Sun article for but a sampling of the hoopla that surrounds this game.

A special note to my parents, because I know they read this: I'm sorry I didn't call after the blizzard. I honestly wasn't worried, because having lived with you through two major snowstorms in recent times ('96 and last Presidents' Day), I knew you were more than capable of handling it.

Another exam this Friday. Realistically, I don't foresee myself doing as well on this test as the last one, but I'm still expecting at least a 3.75.