January 14th, 2004

T-minus sixteen days and counting...

Pending further review, I scored 3.57 on I&CE 4. This was not a good test for the class, and one person did fail it.

The next week is the Performance Test, where the instructors will "break" something in our big simulator console, and we have to try to find out what it is. (Nothing is actually broken; the faults are inserted by computer.) We're graded on how well we can follow the Navy's troubleshooting procedure, and how efficient we are at getting to the faults. One big sign that we're coming down to the end - I took many of my uniforms to have ET3 rating badges sewn on. I've uploaded some pretty pictures to provide a visual of what's on my left sleeve.

The computer...it's running, but not so well. Something is wrong with the hard drive. I haven't had the time recently to call Gateway and see what can be done about it - that's something for tomorrow or Friday. I've backed up a lot of stuff to CD's in case a new hard drive has to be dropped in - which Gateway should pay for, since the computer is only four months old, and it should still be under warranty.