March 28th, 2004

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Final Fours are set in both men's basketball and hockey. Duke and Georgia Tech, two Academically Challenged Conference (ACC) teams, head up the San Antonio marquee on the hoops side, along with the preseason favorite (UConn) and a team nobody really expected (Oklahoma State). Emeka Okafor is too much of a difference maker; I look for him to lead Connecticut to the title. I'd like to see that, given mainly that they're the only Northeastern team left in the bracket. On the frozen water in Beantown in two weeks, we've got one matchup between two Eastern teams who aren't strangers to playing in April, and on the other side, two Western teams who haven't been here since the mid-80's. I'd love to see one of either Denver or Minnesota-Duluth take home the trophy - but my money's on Boston College, who seems to have found their form again just when it counts the most.

The Islanders look to be headed towards another No. 8 seed and a first-round series against Tampa Bay, against whom they might be able to do some damage. Hey, even if we don't win a series, I need only look at the Rangers missing the playoffs yet again to gain a small bit of solace.

How sad is the NBA's Eastern Conference? It's possible that five teams could make the postseason with records under .500.

I bought "The Bourne Identity" yesterday, and watched it today. Very good movie. I also bought a small set of speakers for my computer, to augment the built-in laptop speakers in the few cases where their power isn't sufficient (for example, to boost the volume levels on some of my movies).

Some of the people in my barracks are into this first-person shooter game called Halo. In fact, they're so into it that I've seen them playing in the lounge on four screens simultaneously (one of which is the lounge's big screen TV, which they're really not supposed to be doing, but that's another matter). I tried it for the first time last night - and boy, did I suck. Granted, it was my first time even holding an XBox controller (my video game proclivities have remained virtually static over the course of the last decade). It was still fun though.

Sometime this week I'm going to be running a physical readiness test. Since they started making T-Track personnel PT over the last month, I'm not too worried about it. I got weighed in on Friday, and I came in at 167, 14 pounds under the maximum. A little higher than previous weigh-ins, but not a red flag by any means. My weight has been relatively constant over the course of my time here.

I will check my clearance tomorrow...I will check my clearance tomorrow...
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