April 21st, 2004

the way of the rove

Today was my fourth consecutive duty shift spent roving. We just got new orange security vests, so everybody's been commenting how bright they are. It was a hot and humid day and the sun was out, so I had to break out my "skin armor" - the tube of SPF 50 sunblock I reserve for absolute necessities. I am, after all, a pale-ass white dude. Not so pale anymore, but still pretty white. I thought the SPF 15 stuff I got from boot camp would do the trick, but no.

The quality of the rove experience is heavily influenced by how well the partners get along. Today I had perhaps the best partner since I've been on the watchbill. It was a good time, except for my feet killing me in the last hour.

I'll have internet in my room by Friday. Why it takes Comcast three business days to flip a bloody switch, I'll never understand, especially given I saw a Comcast truck on site today.