May 2nd, 2004


I just got back from a great birthday celebration. First some friends and I went to a restaurant called Sticky Fingers, which I have heard plenty about but have never been to. I had two beers and a nice second dinner (I had already eaten in the galley). The two underage people went back to base and those of us who were 21 headed downtown. We were going to drink at the Southend Brewery, but we heard about a show at the Music Farm, so we rolled over there. The show was really good, and I ended up easing off the alcohol because I started to feel a bit off. I ended up having two cups of Long Island iced teas and a shot of Jack Daniels. The fun part was trying to get from where we parked to and from the Music Farm...we had a fair bit of trouble making our way around downtown Charleston.

Quote of the night goes to Campbell, who got way more trashed than I did. The band, Jump, was letting the audience sing the words. Neither of us knew the song (we'd never heard of the band before tonight), and then this:
ET3 Carberry: All these people know the words, and we don't.
ET3 Campbell: That means they suck.

My mom loved the gift I got for her birthday. I wish her gift would get here (it hasn't, even though she mailed it on Tuesday)...
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when did we open the water park?

About forty minutes ago I heard a loud noise outside my room. I open my door and walk out to investigate and find that someone has set up a Slip 'n' Slide in one of the puddles from the line of thunderstorms that had just passed through. At the peak of this diversion, at least twenty-five people were careening down the slide and into the standing water. The top prize goes to the sailor who did so in his dress whites.

Once again, I could merely think "only at Naval Nuclear Power Training Command."

If Ryan can write "All Star Stories," his book about the crazy stuff that goes on at his video store, I could probably make a fortune off "Nukes."
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