May 14th, 2004

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My head cold, now in its eighth day, is starting to abate, but I'm still feeling it a bit. Nyquil and a lot of sleep are helping greatly.

Today is payday, and a BIG chunk of green was plopped into my account at 0001 this morning. I can't say for certain but I believe my pay problem has been taken care of.

I've put in an application to consolidate my student loans. There are many reasons for doing this; chief among them is the potential to lock in a fixed interest rate while interest rates are low (all signs point to rates moving up, and soon). Not only that, I also have the advantage of being able to make a single payment (instead of the two I currently make).

I still don't have my copy of "In & Out" nearly three weeks after I ordered it. I consider this to be a movie that no proud Northporter should be without - downtown Northport figures prominently in the scenery, and it was a big to-do when Frank Oz and his team came to film the movie back in 1996.

Tomorrow will likely feature a trip to the beach. I'm interested to see the beaches here and judge how they measure up to the ones at home.

I regret to say that I'll almost certainly have to miss the Salsbury-Imboden wedding, which sucks. The timing is terrible; I might be just starting class around that time, so I really can't plan that far ahead.