May 17th, 2004

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Before I talk about my weekend, I'm going to talk about the NHL conference finals. I just threw on Game 5 of the West series, a series whose first four games have all been won by the visiting club. Guess what? The Flames are up two-nil 15 minutes into this one. I'm squarely behind Calgary in this one for a couple of reasons - the fact that they are a six seed; how much it would mean to have a Canadian team reach the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in a decade; and more chances to hear the excellent Flames announcers (who went totally bonkers when Calgary eliminated the Red Wings). And as for the East - I'm behind Tampa Bay, for only one reason - I can't stand the Flyers.

Also in hockey, "Miracle" comes out on DVD tomorrow. By this time tomorrow night I should almost certainly have a copy.

So I did get to the beach on Saturday, and the beaches here are quite nice, I must say. The waves weren't too high, there was no seaweed or jellyfish, and the water was quite warm. But I did get burned - especially on the back around the shoulders, which are now quite blistered. Next time, I'm keeping a shirt on at all times.

After the beach I went to see "Mean Girls" with a couple of friends. It was hilarious. Tina Fey needs to write more scripts, and quickly.

When I woke up yesterday afternoon I was totally wiped, and was barely able to make it through my twelve-hour shift last night. But nine more hours of sleep have regenerated me, and I'm back to 100% now.