June 20th, 2004

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So, the first week of Nuclear Power School is in the books, and I'm happy to say I'm loving this stuff. NPS is a lot better than Nuclear Field "A" School was, and certainly leaps and bounds better than T-Track. Tomorrow is our first test, in what's called Reactor Plant Systems, where they teach us the basics of the power plant that makes the ship go and keeps the lights running. It's sort of an overview of what we'll be learning in detail over the next six months. Once tomorrow's test is over we start physics. We're also studying math (which is soooo boring) and heat transfer and fluid flow. I cannot get into any depth on the subject matter, since it's classified - and since I can't kill everybody who might read this, I simply can't disclose.

It doesn't feel all that weird being back on a normal sleep schedule. The days of 14 and 15 hours in the rack at a time are gone - but I sure as hell won't miss them.

Friday night I saw "The Terminal"...it was an excellent movie. Tom Hanks shows once again why he is one of the preeminent actors of our generation. Haven't had a chance to see "Dodgeball" yet...but it looks very funny.

I finally began to use the gift card my parents got me for Christmas six months ago, buying some DVD's Friday night. I've still got over $240 left on it. Plenty for maybe some clothes and...more DVD's!
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