July 27th, 2004

one stinking point!

That's all I missed on physics 2 today. 3.98. The five hours I studied last night paid off big time. (I was only there that long because I was tutoring some classmates, but just the same, the time helped me too.)

All my friends from A school took their power school comp today. I haven't heard the scores back for any of them, but I'm confident they all passed. I'm just glad Campbell shaved off his moustache. He had been growing one for several weeks, and it had begun to get very messy. On Sunday I even commented that it was no longer within the uniform regulations. But it's gone now, thankfully.

My LiveStrong bracelets arrived yesterday! For those unaware, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has teamed with Nike to raise $5 million for cancer research and awareness by selling five million yellow bracelets. Nike itself is making a $1 million donation in addition. Information about the bracelets is at wearyellow.com. I bought a ten-pack last week; I'm keeping one, two will be sent to my parents, and I haven't decided what to do with the other seven yet.