September 1st, 2004

it's been awhile...

but I'm still alive and kicking.

Tests. I've had three since the last entry. The two tests last week went very much like the ones two weeks before; I did better than expected (3.91) on MERO-2 (mechanic stuff), and worse than expected (3.83) on ETRO-1 (in-rate stuff - the stuff I'll actually be doing in the fleet). Today's test, the first in Reactor Principles, produced a 3.96, which is exactly the type of grade I was hoping for heading into the long weekend ahead.

Speaking of the long weekend ahead, I'm going to New York, since I haven't been there in seven months. I leave Friday night and return Monday afternoon. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Last weekend we got hit by Tropical Storm Gaston, which made landfall just a few miles from downtown Charleston. I slept through most of it, but it knocked down some trees and caused some water to seep into the main school building (the entire NNPTC campus was built on a swamp, so the drainage isn't exactly the best). And now we're bracing for Frances, and the possibility that we may have to evacuate to Fort Jackson in Columbia. Fortunately, this doesn't affect me going to New York. But it's still a big concern.