October 21st, 2004

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3.82 on the first exam in radiological fundamentals. That's about where I thought it would be after the test. Most of the people in the class had a drop from their overall averages.

I will now share some headlines from today's editions of some of New York's major newspapers.

Daily News front page: "The Choke's On Us"
Daily News back page: "Hell Freezes Over"
New York Post front page: "Damned Yankees"
Newsday front page "Battered" (with the "B" styled like the Red Sox cap)

and today's Boston Globe front page: "A World Series ticket"

I was definitely not alone in being joyous at the colossal collapse of the Yankees, though I'm not a Red Sox fan. I was following the late innings on the computer, but went out to see the bottom of the ninth on TV. Good times. I'm sure there are many who would disagree (two friends from college immediately come to mind), but I'm happy. Regardless of who wins the National League, this should be a great World Series.