February 14th, 2005

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moving along

Ten weeks of prototype complete, and I'm doing all right. It's been three weeks since I went to section; I'm now on rotating shift work. There are five sections, and each proceeds in a five-week cycle - three sets of seven days on, two days off, and then a transition week of four days followed by a four-day weekend (which for my section was last weekend). I still work twelve-hour days. It's long, and it's much like life in general - some good days, some bad, but I'm making it work for me.

About two and a half weeks ago my computer died. The problem was the hard drive - the computer, for some reason, couldn't find it. It was making a buzzing sound. I ordered a new one, and it arrived last Monday - and now the computer is up and running beautifully.

The Super Bowl wasn't too bad of a game, and New England played a good enough game to win, but Philadelphia clearly didn't do enough, especially by not driving down the field with more urgency late in the game. I would definitely call the Patriots a dynasty, but I don't see them winning again next year - no team has ever won three straight Super Bowls.