August 2nd, 2005

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movies, music, bars...the good things in life

Monday before last I saw Wedding Crashers...I enjoyed it greatly, but after reading Bill Simmons' review, I came to see the flaws he pointed out. The makers of this movie left a lot on the table in the second half, much as has been the case with a lot of similar movies of late (reference Old School, Van Wilder, and to a lesser extent, Dodgeball).

I went to Northport again last weekend...I wasn't going to, but barracks staff was preparing to paint in my room, so I did. I saw Liquid A at the Nutty Irishman in Farmingdale on Friday night, and unfortunately, they didn't quite match the level from the first time I saw them. Saturday night brought Ants Marching at Napper Tandy's in Smithtown, and they were really good. They're playing in Connecticut this Saturday night; I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them again.

Yesterday I saw War of the Worlds; I thought the movie was okay. The first part was really good, but I thought it got really slow towards the end, and the ending was kind of lame. Not much you can really do, since the screenplay is adapted from the book (which I haven't read). Today I saw Stealth, which scored very high on the SGBI (shit getting blown up) index; certainly living up to expectations on that count. The plot was predictably thin. My worst complaint is this: as a Sailor in the U. S. Navy, I can attest to the appearance of my female counterparts. There are some who are attractive; but not one, officer or enlisted, is anywhere near Jessica Biel. That was just totally unrealistic.