March 27th, 2006

personal pre-underways

We're getting underway tomorrow afternoon to brush up on our submarining skills, so a couple of quick hits:

35-29 on this year's bracket, with only one Final Four team correct (Florida). I had George Mason winning one game; I definitely had no expectation of the Patriots winning four.

Another winning night at Mohegan tonight; I ended play at plus-$150. But that was after a two-and-a-half hour roller coaster ride that nearly cost me my entire original $150 stake. Nice to have a little extra money for the undisclosed port we'll pull into later this week.

I was home Friday and Saturday, primarily to get a fresh inspection on my car. But I did go out Friday night, and had an okay time. I actually almost got Ryan to come, but he had plans.

I'm in White Castle on Saturday night, getting dinner on my way to Orient Point to catch a late ferry. At White Castle, I eat four of the little square burgers and an order of fries. I heard two young boys, who could not have been more than half my age, boasting of eating eleven and eight burgers respectively. And we wonder why we supposedly have an epidemic of childhood obesity in this country...

The Cornell hockey season ended with a 1-0 triple overtime loss to No. 1 Wisconsin, in the NCAA quarterfinals in Green Bay. So close, and yet short again.

That does it for now. Peace out and stay classy.
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