August 26th, 2006

stuck in a wet paper bag

I never did make it to Crash Mansion for Gladding's show. Phase one of the trip (the Long Island Rail Road) proceeded as expected. Phase two (the New York City Subway) was executed flawlessly. Phase three (walking to the venue) was an unmitigated disaster; I ended up basically walking in circles for about forty-five minutes before finding the Canal Street subway station. Fortunately, I was able to get back to Penn Station just in time to make the 10:41 train back to Long Island. Buying the ticket on the train cost me five extra freaking dollars, but it was better than waiting at Penn for an hour.

Yesterday's rain made it nearly impossible to do anything. Even Napper Tandy's was dead. It was much of the same today, though not as bad. Ryan was at the Mets game last night (they lost for the first time in seven games - I wonder why?) and is going to see the Beach Boys tonight (ugh), but we're going to have lunch and then see Accepted tomorrow afternoon.