April 14th, 2007

christmas 2008

dateline Mayport...

...on liberty in Florida, just outside of Jacksonville. Memphis pulled in here yesterday, and last night was a light one for me. The guys I was with decided on Mexican for dinner, and I wasn't in the mood to fight, though the fare didn't jibe with my very limited palate. I had a single Budweiser, but my friend Chris had four - and felt the effects. After dinner, we returned to the base and did some laundry; when that was done, it was already eleven at night and I'd been up for a full day, so I decided to simply turn in. Today I had McDonald's, my first real food in three weeks, and got some stuff at the exchange.

The weather here is far better that what we left behind in the Northeast - low 80's, blue skies, a bit humid, but not too bad. Long Island is bracing for a major storm, and I'm well out of its way.

The underway just concluded wasn't a terrible one; we drilled some, chilled out some, and more stuff broke. Among the things that broke was yet more of our gear; in fact, this led to a short turn-around (read: three-hour) stop here in Mayport two weeks ago. Once we leave here next week, we'll do about a week and a half more at sea before pulling into Port Everglades, FL, just outside of Fort Lauderdale. The giant upshot of this? We arrive on 30 April, the day before my birthday. It'll likely be game-on, pedal to the floor, checked of course by the standard operating limit of not vomiting.