June 7th, 2007

day six: a new dialog with an old friend, and an old band with a new singer

June 6, 2007 was an absolutely awesome day in every respect. The telling of the first part of it requires some background information.

I had lost all contact with one of my good friends from high school. She was instrumental in me getting through a "quarter-life crisis" at the end of high school, and is one of the most all-around solid people I've ever met. On Monday night, I found an e-mail address for her, and dropped her a line. Yesterday she wrote me back; she must have two passports or something, because one can't be enough for all the countries she's been to. I sent her an e-mail covering every aspect of my current life; probably the longest e-mail I've written in the last half a decade. I even referred her to some advice from Tucker Max (she talked about applying to law school). These developments brightened the day.

This happened around noon, just as I finished watching The Price Is Right; I wanted to catch a full episode with Bob Barker about to retire next week. I switched over to News 12, and along the bottom of the screen appeared the words "NHL: Islanders to buy out final four years of Yashin's contract". This wasn't completely new - it had made the back page of yesterday's Newsday - and when I confirmed it at ESPN.com, a huge smile crept across my face. Yashin's play has been dragging the Islanders down ever since he came to the team, and it's great that the Isles have decided to move in another direction, even though it may not be entirely of their own choosing (the fans influenced this decision heavily).

I went out, put gas in my car, and got White Castle. You know it's a good day when the low point is the thought of pump prices as you're filling up.

After dinner, I rested for a bit, and then went to Napper Tandy's in Smithtown to see Peat Moss and the Fertilizers again. There was some kind of drink special that I didn't know about - because the place was packed. There was basically no room to maneuver when I first got there. I discovered that the drink special ended at 10:00, because there were a lot of people pointing out that their timepieces said 9:59. Though I didn't care about the price of the alcohol I was buying, I tried to help them out - because in the pursuit of alcohol, I am always happy to assist. Peat Moss took the stage a bit later, and played another great show. Their new lead singer has not degraded their quality; I'm definitely not going to stop seeing them when I'm on LI. Oh, and did I mention the Stanley Cup was presented? Always a great day in the sports world; the Ducks can celebrate a well-deserved victory.