June 16th, 2007

christmas 2008

why I hate this

At 1830 Thursday night, I wrote this down:
At this hour, across our great nation, families are sitting down to dinner. Tired office workers are grabbing a beer at happy hour. SportsCenter is on television. And we're out here, off the coast of who knows where, because some Navy middle manager doesn't want to tell his boss something probably well known to both that boss and everyone on the waterfront in Groton.

And people come down on us for being lazy?

Seven hundred five days and counting. I fucking hate this place.
The evaporator retests failed...but we STILL got underway yesterday, only to pull right back into port today because we really can't do shit. Gay in the extreme.

So it seems that Jacob was in Groton last weekend, but I missed him. Bad times. At least I'll see him no later than the second weekend of October.