September 15th, 2007

Sailors visit Durham, very little ensues...

...there certainly wasn't much hilarity.

My roommate and another of my friends joined me on an excursion to UNH and its immediate surroundings last night. Prior to our departure, I downed two bottles of Samuel Adams OctoberFest, which I'm very impressed with. I limited myself to two drinks because of the three of us, only I knew how to reach Durham.

We got there, and seeing very little activity, Brandan and I headed into Scorpion's, with Ray joining us a few minutes later. The place was nearly dead, and we proceeded to consume. About twenty minutes later, we were joined by three other colleagues from work. There were actually five in their group, but the other two were not of the required age to enter the establishment, and the Durham police were out in force. A few minutes later, having already had two glasses of beer at the bar, Brandan ordered a round of shots; to be specific, half Jagermeister and half Goldschlager. I was not enthralled by the prospect of consuming the Elixir of Death - "beer before liquor, never sicker," I've always been told. But it would have been a graver offense to allow the alcohol to go unconsumed. The shot went down, followed by another beer; we then departed, hoping to gain admittance to one of the many parties in progress.

There were now eight from the Submersible Death Trap, and one of us had a connection - an acquaintance from high school who attends UNH. Our cadre headed north up Madbury Road and then west on Garrison Avenue, and in short order we were entering a dormitory. After relieving myself, I made my way to the room where we all were, and I was standing amongst several co-workers - and several attractive women.

We quickly formulated a game plan, and headed back out onto Garrison. As we walked, there was a debate as to what we Navy folk should be called. The female contingent favored the term "seamen," despite the fact that we had all long since advanced past that paygrade. It soon became apparent that both the size and the gender composition of our group were working against us. We reached the end of Garrison, and were refused admittance to a house. This was when I said my one stupid line of the night; as we debated where to go, I suggested moving the party to the red line at the Whittemore Center. My mind originally thought of the fifty-yard line of the football stadium, but I then remembered that UNH is a hockey school first. By this time, there was plenty of alcohol in my blood and plenty of urine in my bladder - and I decided it was time to "christen" the campus. By the time I was done my guys had gotten fifty feet away.

As we arrived at the place where we were to make our last stand, we brought in our reinforcements - a large stash of festive beverages, enlarged merely a few minutes earlier. We probably had enough beer and Twisted Tea to fill a kiddie pool, not to mention some harder stuff. Ray negotiated with those throwing the party, but the impasse could not be resolved. As he did so, someone remarked that all of us could pass for college students. I noted my age out loud, proved it by displaying my driver's license, and then showed my Cornell ID card - the picture on which was taken when I was 18. A couple of minutes later, one of the girls we were with jumped the fence - and was immediately turned back. By this time, it was half past midnight, and given that the majority of us had duty today, we elected to pack it in and head back to our places of residence. However, just before our departure, the clarion call of nature was once again audible (only to me, of course). I really didn't expect to urinate on UNH at all...let alone twice.

Brandan, Ray, and I returned to Portsmouth, and we went to bed. But before I turned in, I ran my hand across the top of my head, and a small green object fell onto the carpet. I took a closer look, and sure enough, I had taken a small piece of Durham's shrubbery back with me. I photographed it before going to sleep. And I was surprisingly docile this morning; normally, when I consume a large quantity of alcohol, I'm a raging asshole the next day.

Though we didn't party as hard as we'd liked, I still had a fun time. This was my first time back on a college campus in nearly five years; it brought back a lot of fun memories. It had been a while since I'd been witness to a real, live party scene, and even longer since I'd been in a real dorm, vice a barracks room. I'd definitely be down for heading out there again, and it makes me very excited about traveling to Ithaca in just under four weeks' time.