September 26th, 2007

christmas 2008

Google Earth rocks...

...because it has exposed a huge, long-standing gaffe by the Seagoing Military Force.

A barracks complex constructed in the 1960's at Naval Base Coronado has an interesting shape:
Video from
Story at the Los Angeles Times, which also reveals the Navy's initial refusal to do anything about the offensive aerial view. A little foresight four decades ago might have saved the American people the six hundred thousand American dollars the Navy has budgeted to fix this.
christmas 2008

tick, tock, tick, tock...

Last night, the main panel for monitor and control of the Submersible Death Trap's reactor was secured for a major upgrade; this is the largest maintenance item my division has for the entire availability. A little less than an hour ago, the contractors reached the first point at which ship's force involvement was required. I got down there, we waited to brief, we briefed, we walked through, and we started - only to find that the thing we were supposed to look at wasn't installed on the circuit card. So now we wait for circuit chips to be swapped from one card to another. As I said to my division Chief, "This is taking away quality Halo 3 playing time."

I'm not looking forward to losing my day off Saturday to support the panel retests. In any twenty-one day cycle, I have only two nights where I'm completely free - that is, I have that night off and no work the next day. These retests will take such a night (Friday night) from me. I have, however, found a something that helps: inside the cap of my water bottle, I have written "5/19/09", the day I'll be free of the Navy. So every time I take a drink of water, I'm reminded of the light at the end of the tunnel.