October 28th, 2007

S2, Lynah East, and of course, sports!

You just might have noticed that in the last several hours, tfo has gotten a rather large face lift; even its author wasn't expecting this makeover. Shortly after posting yesterday's entry from work, I wished to add a link to the list I keep on the left side. When I went in to edit my style, I saw a message stating that LiveJournal no longer supported its "old" style system (S1), and offering an upgrade to S2. I shoved that question to the back burner, given that I was on duty and didn't have time to possibly rebuild my layout from the ground up. I also made note of the fact that on the discussion thread in the LJ Design community, most of the comments on S2 were resoundingly negative. When I got home this morning, I did some searching, and finally found an S2 theme that supported everything I wanted to have on my page. It took some trial and error to get the desired colors, and to get all the components in the right places, but I've got everything the way I want it, and it wasn't nearly as hard as I was expecting. I'm especially glad I didn't have to write a completely new style from the ground up, as that would have required me to learn a completely new programming language - something I have neither the time nor the inclination to do.

Every year, when Cornell men's hockey plays at Harvard, at least half the crowd filling Bright Hockey Center wears Cornell red, vice Harvard crimson. I haven't been to the game the Faithful call "Lynah East" for several years, but since it's early in this season (three weekends away, to be precise), I decided to make an effort to procure one or more tickets. Right now it's looking good, and I'll keep this space posted on how that goes. I've decided to scrap the sports road trip I was considering for this upcoming weekend; it's simply not worth it to drive all the way down to Foxboro and back, especially when Saturday night is one of the rare occasions I can go out without having to worry about my bedtime.

The Giants didn't look particularly great this afternoon in London, but they did pull out the win to get to 6-2 ahead of the bye week and the showdown with Dallas in the Meadowlands two weeks hence. The Patriots, on the other hand, are on another level. Two weeks ago, Bill Simmons wrote about how New England's goals for this season fundamentally shifted after the scandal surrounding their Week 1 win over the Jets. Simmons, in picking this week's games, took the Redskins (getting sixteen points), reasoning that the Pats couldn't possibly win every game against the spread. I had this game on in the background, and when it was 38-0 to New England, I started to pay attention. The first things I saw were a Redskins receiver falling down two yards short of the first-down marker deep in Patriots territory, leading to a turnover on downs. That was followed by a fourteen play drive that lasted nearly eight minutes and culminated in the signature of the 2007 Pats - the "Eff You TD." As it turned out, that Brady-to-Welker touchdown pass was the first of two such scores; Matt Cassel, the backup quarterback, scrambled for a 15-yard TD to make it 52-0 (it ended 52-7). New England at Indianapolis next weekend is likely the most anticipated NFL regular season game in nearly two decades, and I'll be planted in front of my roommate's fifty-two inch, 1080p television at 4:15 pm EST next Sunday afternoon.

Oh, did I mention the Red Sox can seal up their second championship in four seasons tonight in Denver? As I write this, the BoSox are already on their way with a run in the first inning. Prior to tonight's first pitch, I heard these keys to the game: "for the Red Sox, they try to win this lopsided series; for the Rockies, simple - they must win tonight." Classic Tim McCarver.
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