November 7th, 2007

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would your job do this to you?

So yesterday, I'm sitting in training, and our Chief of the Boat is covering the timeline for the remainder of our availability here at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. As we get closer to the end, the workload increases exponentially. When we depart here, we'll return to our previous home port on the eastern bank of Connecticut's Thames River. Though many in our crew are maintaining residences in the Groton area and staying in barracks up here, there is also a sizable percentage that is not. The problem on the horizon is this: nowhere in our projected schedule, prior to the boat's return to Groton, is there time allotted to find a place and execute a move. I considered asking about this, but I did not wish to waste my energy, figuring that the answer would be that we're on our own.

I don't blame Memphis for this application of the shaft. In all likelihood, it's Big Navy giving the shipyard a schedule, and the shipyard forcing that schedule on the ship, and just as we have to obey our Chiefs and officers, so must the CO and XO obey the word from on high in Washington. One small positive point - and it's a hollow one - is that the next time anyone asks me if I'm going to re-enlist, I'll point to this instance as a prime reason why my next duty station will be in the civilian corps.