November 10th, 2007

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Last night, for the first time since I concluded my leave period, the forces of nature and my duty rotation were in alignment. Thus after watching the UNH v. UMass-Lowell hockey game, I headed out to Durham for some relaxation. As the Minivan o' War rolled west on U. S. 4, there was a nearly continuous stream of headlights in my face, as bewildered Wildcat fans made their way home. I say "bewildered" because New Hampshire could only manage a 2-2 tie at home. It was, for the most part, an uneventful night. However, towards the end, some very drunk people arrived to The Knot. Most notable were a guy with a dog-eared hat and some chick who wrapped herself around me for a photo op. If I had anything resembling the standard "alpha male" instinct, I would have at least found my way into her bed, and likely other things of hers. But in the heat of the moment, all I could do was hope that her friends would get her home safely.

When I awoke today, I knew that somewhere in the course of this day, the viewing of a movie would take place. Originally, I was deciding between two films with lots of star power: American Gangster (Denzel Washington/Russell Crowe), or Lions for Lambs (Tom Cruise/Meryl Streep/Robert Redford). But when I logged onto Yahoo! to obtain the showing times, I was greeted by a front page telling me that both critical and fan reaction to LFL was very negative. Thus I settled on American Gangster, the preview for which I'd seen in just about every movie I've watched since moving to New Hampshire. The film did not disappoint; for the first time in a while, I never checked my watch to see how much of the movie was left. After returning home, I watched the Boston College @ New Hampshire hockey game; for the first time in the three games I've watched, UNH was able to win on its home ice. Cornell swept Yale and Brown on the road this weekend, providing some momentum prior to Lynah East in six days' time.

Work tomorrow, but at least Monday is an off day, due to the observation of Veterans' Day. I might go see Lions for Lambs then.