January 10th, 2008

leave wrap-up

I'm back here in New Hampshire, with a scant few hours to go before sleep and then returning to work. The week off was very relaxing, if for no other reason than my body slept as much as it really needs - eight to nine hours per night, as opposed to the five to six I normally get.

I went out both Friday and Saturday nights, and on each occasion, I hit the figurative "wall" not long after midnight. It's just as well; nothing of note happened on either outing. Sunday was spent watching playoff football; I paid much more attention to the Giants' win than to the San Diego-Tennessee game. Despite Big Blue's gaudy road record, I'm not overly optimistic about their chances of beating the Cowboys this Sunday. On Monday, I was simply laying around watching television when I get the following IM from my roommate:

Ray (22:05:23): grr
Ray (22:05:29): Your toilet just started belching foam.

He proceeded to send me a picture of the toilet:

Simply awful. As bad as it looked, I wasn't very concerned, because (a) Ray said he had contained/stopped the foaming, and (b) I was nearly 300 miles away, and therefore couldn't really do anything about it. The toilet hasn't reflashed, and I've had no problems since I arrived back here.

There are two things that I am absolutely compelled to do whenever I am back on Long Island for longer than forty-eight consecutive hours: get White Castle, and see my best friend Ryan in person. The first of those items was accomplished on Tuesday night; having grown bored with CNN's coverage of the New Hampshire primaries, I ventured to Commack to obtain authentic "belly bombers." As bad as they might be for me, they were most excellent to me. And last night, I saw Ryan and met his new girlfriend. The three of us watched October Sky, Ryan's third most favorite movie; I thought it was wonderful. We both delighted in my recounting of his previous relationship history. And he cringed when I reminded him that the turning of the calendar to 2008 means that our high school class will be having its ten-year reunion...next year. On the flip side, that also means that I'm getting out of the Navy next year - certainly an encouraging thought.

My brother was quite pleased with his birthday gift of one hundred American dollars in cash, which he intends to put towards strings for his new guitar. As for me, well, it's work like a Turk till your eyes ache like hell - no, wait, that's a song from Cornell. Multiply that by fifty and you have an inkling of what's in store for me on the resumption of work tomorrow morning.