February 26th, 2008

mind the little guy...

...or else he'll take his services elsewhere. Of course, I can't immediately exercise this option. But I get a choice every day, and I only have to choose not to raise my right hand 448 more times before the desired outcome comes to pass. I certainly don't think the scheduling of today's Pre-Critical Inspection minds us little guys very much; senior personnel are tied up most of the day, and only after dinner do the rest of us get to take part in evolutions. Keeping people that late - especially day after duty people - is not a recipe for retention.

So you like Barack Obama, huh? Yeah, a lot of people do. All such people are wrong. The Cato Institute explains why.

A contribution from Ray: Doing It Wrong.

More to come tonight, on something - I'm not yet sure what.
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I said there'd be more...

...so here's some more. I just now got home from work. Murphy's Law was in full effect this evening; there were three unplanned shipboard anomalies (though none with my evolution), and Ray's car needed a jump start. On top of that, work tomorrow begins ninety minutes earlier than it otherwise would. And there's something else...oh, yeah, it's a total shit storm out there right now. At this particular juncture, what I do seems so not worth it.

That's really all I've got time for right now; I barely have enough time to shower and briefly chill before going to bed. Getting through this shit is like playing in the NCAA basketball tournament - survive and advance, survive and advance...