March 25th, 2008

these items can't wait...

...I just have to throw them up here before I go to bed.

Bill Simmons gave two full paragraphs of his post-Anaheim blog to the Cornell Big Red. Well, not the actual team; one paragraph was about some face-painted fans, and the other was about a blunder by the cheerleaders. As always, quality writing from The Sports Guy.

While browsing IvyGate earlier today, I read the story of a Columbia graduate student who was threatened with a defamation lawsuit over some posts on her blog. This piqued my interest, if only because it sounded a lot like Tucker Max's experiences with a former Miss Vermont. "Razzy" has some things going for her; as a heterosexual male, I firmly believe that it doesn't hurt to place images of your bare breasts in your blog. I don't think she's "batshit crazy" as IvyGate alleges. (If she follows through on previously blogged promises to show her peek-a-choo, I may have to reconsider.) In all honesty, I'd hit it if the opportunity arose, but she's got a lot going against her. After the first glance at her blog, I thought she might be a female version of TMax. But that notion was thoroughly dispelled when I read about her reaction to being threatened with legal action:
At first, I was like, "oh...SHIT. I don't have $7500!" Then I thought about it more, and said, "Hey, wait a minute...this is all bullshit!"
Tucker, on the other hand, undoubtedly resolved to finish Miss Vermont as soon as he was sued. That's why he's got one of the biggest sites on the Internet, and is having a movie made about one of his stories, while Razzy is dropping to her knees and thanking the IvyGate editors for throwing some publicity her way. Not only that, she dissed Sara Bareilles, and she's getting her Ph.D. from Columbia, so how smart could she possibly be? Don't get me wrong, Razzy is right about Mr. "S" - he's dumb for threatening to sue her, he's dumber for not going down on her, and I hope she prevails against him.